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Wedding cake creation and Design

 I create creating stunning, bespoke wedding cakes that are as unique and memorable as you are. I like to blend artistic design with exceptional flavours to craft cakes that not only look spectacular but also taste divine.

Each cake is tailored to reflect your style, theme, and vision for your special day. From elegant and traditional to modern and whimsical, custom designs are meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and attention to detail.

Layered cake with foraged flowers


Available Now

FROM €50

Celebration cakes

Using sponge and buttercream to get the freshest, and most fun creations. Tailor made to order, your cake can be a combination of pretty much any flavour and design. Get in touch to talk about your birthday or party theme.

FROM €330

2-4 tier wedding cakes

Every wedding cake that I design is priced individually according to the amount of work and hours involved in the design, please contact me for a more detailed quote.

The following pricing guide is the starting price for a wedding cake, all detailing elements are priced up and added to this base cost. 

2 tiers to serve 65 from €330

3 tiers to serve 120 from €400

4 tiers to serve 150 from €500

Local delivery and setup included in prices.

Consultation and tastings available

Portions sizes based on 1"x1"x Cake depth 

Wedding and Celebration cakes: Price
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